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Bud Ward is editor of Yale Climate Connections. (E-mail:

Science Writing: Funny? Yes. But Also Another Side?

Is an AAAS Science Careers blog post a witty and insightful commentary on science writing and science journalism? Or is it the other ‘incite-ful’ and a bit ‘snarky’ notwithstanding its comedic value?


Revisiting National Academy’s ‘Sackler Colloquium’ (Part I)

A recent National Academy of Sciences ‘Science of Science Communications’ conference offers a full plate of considerations for serious climate communications aficionados to evaluate down the road.


Nature Conservancy Scientist Named CBS News Contributor

A U. of Montana research scientist and Nature Conservancy senior scientist adds to his portfolio as Science and Environmental Contributor for CBS News.


Commentary and Personal Opinion

Mind-Blowing Heartland Street Poster Fiasco

Few institutional climate change communication blunders compare with that of a recent short-lived Heartland Institute street poster initiative. What could they have been thinking?


Is There a Single ‘Face’ for Climate Change?

Does a public policy issue of the scope and importance of climate change need a single human face for it to be effectively communicated to a diverse global public? Whose face is it now? And in the future?


On Hearing Your New Book Already Needs Updating

Michael Mann’s ‘Hockey Stick’ Dispatches

The scientist most identified with the climate change ‘hockey stick’ graph offers his own first-hand views on having become one of climate skeptics’ favorite punching bags. And in his just-released book, Mann characteristically does so with gusto.


Lots of Lessons to be Learned

On Leaked Heartland Documents: Relax, Breathe Deeply, Take Your Time …

Fast-breaking developments surrounding leaks of what were portrayed to be original documents from the ‘skeptical’ Heartland Institute carry lessons for all. But only if we step back and cogitate … things not in the DNA of the 24/7 blog news [...]


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