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Christine Woodside is a freelance writer living in Deep River, Connecticut. Twitter: @chriswoodside)

For Connecticut Coastal Planners, ‘New Normal’ Means More Flooding

City planners in one coastal community after another are beginning to find the terms ‘flood’ and ‘normal’ more often paired in a single sentence.


SEJ Annual Meeting Climate Take-Homes

Insights on Hybrid Vehicles, Making Global Warming Local

Bullish prospects for electric and low-emission cars and advice on localizing ‘global’ warming impacts are among key messages heard at a recent annual convention of environmental journalists.


On ‘Green’ Products and Actions, Labeling Makes All the Difference

Want to turn on — or avoid turning off — someone based on their political leanings? Going ‘green’ may psych liberals and progressives…while blowing-off conservatives.


Guilt, Goals, and Mom: Human Behavior and Energy Use

A unique annual meeting at the Garrison Institute comes to grips — or at least tries to — with the human behavior component of energy use and climate. A key question: What makes people tick?


What Makes Climate Communicator George Marshall Tick?

Who is George Marshall? And why is he devoting his life to getting people around the world to talk in new ways about climate change?


‘Egghead,’ Political Brawl and Quarrel Factors in Reporting on Climate

Media representatives, a scientist, and a climate scholar tackle climate communication challenges as part of annual environmental journalism conference.


A 2012 Look Back at Climate Writings from the Early 40s and 50s

From the perspective of the second decade of this 21st Century, the climate literature of the pre- and post-World War II periods provides valuable historical insights: Not the least of which is that climate by then was already finding its [...]


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