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Christine Woodside is a freelance writer living in Deep River, Connecticut. Twitter: @chriswoodside)
Series on Climate and Major Religions

The United Church of Christ and Climate Change

Humans carry responsibility — and should take action — United Church of Christ tells its members.


Memo to Climate Scientists: Tweet, Or Not Tweet? … And HOW?

Should climate scientists and climate communicators be tweeting? Can they afford not to?


Coffee Growers Facing New Risks; Changing Climate Putting Production at Risk

Morning coffee and reading the day’s paper … more changes coming? Coffee production and inventories are being stretched in part as a result of a changing climate. That well entrenched morning ritual of a newspaper in one hand and a [...]


No, We're NOT Talking March Madness Here

Energy Efficiency and ‘The Rebound Effect’

“Rebound” effect and “backfire” are big on certain journalism blogs these days, but reporters should take heed in not over-doing the current buzz on the reverse effects of energy efficiency measures.


In Post-BP Gulf Oil Leak Climate

Deepwater Oil Drilling: Not That New, But Not That Much Known Either?

Until BP’s Deepwater Horizon explosion in April and continuing oil spill crisis in the Gulf of Mexico, many in the news media covered deepwater oil exploration with a sort of awe. The practice, after all, is relatively new — most projects [...]


Following 'Holy Grail' of Dow Jones Index

Various Climate Index Reporting Projects Under Way Among Scientists

A number of scientific efforts comparable to the climate index initiative mimicking the widely publicized Dow Jones Industrial Average are at various stages of development in the scientific community. One such effort is that championed by climate change investments expert [...]


Transparency ‘Makes Democracy Work’; Low-Carbon Investments Expert Backs Index

Americans since 1896 have tracked the economy’s health with the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Now, a climate policy expert working for an investment firm thinks it is time for a climate change average. It would be based on a wide [...]


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