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Christine Woodside is a freelance writer living in Deep River, Connecticut. Twitter: @chriswoodside)

A Public Transit Revolution is Afoot:
Ridership Numbers Rising

Candidate Barack Obama’s campaign has bragged that running mate Senator Joe Biden is a down-to-earth family man who commutes by Amtrak train from Wilmington to Washington. The Democratic Delaware Senator has been commuting by Amtrak for decades. He has long [...]


Author and Suburbs Naysayer James Howard Kunstler

Writer, commentator, news source, and most of all critic, James Howard Kunstler combines an unforgiving disdain of America’s fossil fuel-based way of life with a scalding rejection of modern architecture, suburban zoning laws, and what he sees as much of the media’s complicity in the whole thing. A news junkie and major force behind the nascent “beyond the oil age” movement, Kunstler pulls no punches with his sharp tongue and engaging prose damning Americans’ over-reliance on their automobiles. His seemingly endless cheerless scolding doesn’t make him a pessimist, however, and certainly not a shy and retiring one. It’s just that the future he sees is a lot different from the one we have and the one that so many of his fellow citizens seem unable to see beyond.


Arctic Series for Edmonton, Toronto Papers

2008 Grantham Prize ‘Special Merit’ Winner: Reporter, Photographer Ed Struzik

For 28 years, Canadian writer Ed Struzik has skied, dogsledded, snowmobiled, helicoptered, canoed, and ridden icebreakers as part of his writings about the Arctic. Since long before most journalists paid the northern territories much heed, Struzik has covered the change [...]


A Reporter’s Brief Guide to Cap-and-Trade

Cap-and-trade policies entered the environmental reporting lexicon in the early 1990s, when the United States established them as a strategy for reducing acid rain emissions. Now cap-and-trade is part of the national dialogue again, this time as a proposed strategy [...]


Climate Change on Banking and Financial Beats

A series of domestic and global developments are increasing the impact of climate change on the banking and financial industry and reporters covering those beats. The changes are under way notwithstanding growing pressures from the sagging economy and real estate [...]


Transportation Infrastructure Issues Targeted in New NRC Climate Report

A new report from the National Research Council (NRC) warns that the nation’s transportation system – roads, ports, railroads, and airports – all stand to suffer substantial damage or destruction as a result of climate change. Increased rain, more intense [...]


Sierra Club Prodding Local Actions Through ‘Cool Cities’ Climate Campaign

Facing continued political stalemate in Washington, D.C., over federal climate change regulations, at least 800 mayors of cities large and small over the past three years have signed pledges to drastically reduce their carbon emissions.


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