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Christine Woodside is a freelance writer living in Deep River, Connecticut. Twitter: @chriswoodside)

Covering Climate on the Auto Beat: Changing Consumer Tastes Broadening Coverage

From Cup Holders and Pick Up to … Lots More Reporting on the auto industry, cars and trucks, used to mostly involve lots of detailed analysis of horsepower, pick up, handling, looks, and safety. The beat is broader and more [...]


Three Veteran Business/Environment Reporters’ Perspectives: Covering Climate Change from the Business Beat

Business editors and reporters over the past few years have found themselves covering climate change implications as policy makers and the public move beyond the science of whether and why the Earth is warming to the policy issues: what the [...]


NPR’s Year-Long Climate Connection Series: Focus on Climate Change as it Affects Peoples’ Lives

Four years ago, staff editors and producers at National Public Radio began plans for an expansive series of reports showing how climate change has worked its way into every aspect of life around the globe, from the poorest coastal citizen [...]


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