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Julie Halpert, who has covered the environment for more than two decades for national publications, is a freelance writer based in Ann Arbor, Mi.
Exploring Journalism's Unchartered Future

Nonprofit Journalism Model: A Future of Environmental Reporting?

When Marianne Lavelle left U.S. News and World Report a year ago, the news weekly was rapidly shrinking the amount of space devoted to in-depth reporting as part of its transition to becoming strictly an online journal. “You could just [...]


Posture, Clout of Slimmer GM, Automakers: Outlook on Capitol Hill Cloudy, but Change Likely

One of the old-line, most vocal, and most influential voices on federal environmental matters may soon undergo changes generally associated with adolescents – a change in its voice. Or at least the impact its voice carries with Washington policymakers. Whether [...]


Coming to a Museum Near You?

Museums Moving to Fill Gap On Climate Information, Education

View larger image Questions … and answers … on causes and impacts of climate change: no longer primarily the domain of mainstream news organizations. Wander through The California Academy of Science’s “Altered States: Climate Change in California” exhibit. View exhibits [...]


EPA Ann Arbor Vehicle Emissions Lab Offers Reporters Fertile Ground for Stories

ANN ARBOR, MI. – A room full of sparkling new silver diesel engines, a car running automatically on its own treadmill, a mammoth truck with its insides displaying a new kind of fuel efficient technology. These are just a few [...]


Advice from Auto Beat Experts

Covering Autos, Climate, and Energy: Overcoming Challenges Facing the Media

Covering the auto industry has gotten a lot more interesting … and a whole lot more challenging too. Reporting on climate change, energy, and auto issues continues to pose daunting challenges to popular media reporters, especially as their own institutions [...]


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