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A regular contributor to Yale Climate Connections, John Wihbey is an editor and researcher at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. (E-mail:, Twitter: @wihbey)

How President Clinton, ‘Explainer-in-Chief,’ Frames Climate Change

Insights from the former President on talking with those steadfastly rejecting climate science, on the ‘Tattoo Vote’ … and on the ‘economic argument.’


Reason Science Writer Ron Bailey’s Libertarian Take on Climate, Free Markets

In a media atmosphere increasingly characterized by ‘for’ and ‘a’gin’ opinion writers, libertarian Ron Bailey has his own take on climate, climate science … and possible policy responses.


The List Goes On ... and On ... and On

‘Denier,’ ‘Alarmist,’ ‘Warmist,’ ‘Contrarian,’ ‘Confusionist,’ ‘Believer,’

Some things never change. Like the endless search for the perfect term to describe those seeing things differently on climate change issues.


Limited Coverage: Climate Change and the Insurance Industry

Forecasts for more unpredictable and more extreme weather patterns have some insurers increasingly factoring climate change evidence into their actuarial tables. 


Series on Climate and Major Religions

‘Green Muslims,’ Eco-Islam and Evolving Climate Change Consciousness

High levels of climate concern, bounded by costs of managing climate risks, characterize much of the Muslim world, with interesting differences from the West on the science/religion relationship … and with a preference for viewing climate change through a broader [...]


The Art of Eli

Making Climate Media Creative — in the Extreme

‘More important than ever’ for today’s journalists covering climate change to ‘think creatively’ about how best to tell their stories. 


Crowdsourcing the Climate: Evolving Media, Policy, and Science Practice

Imagine one-seventh of the world’s population — a billion people — contributing to identifying solutions to global climate change, doing something their political leaders may not be able to do on their own. Does ‘crowdsourcing’ … show the way?


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