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Lisa Palmer is a Maryland-based freelance writer and a Public Policy Scholar at The Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington, D.C. She is a regular contributor to Yale Climate Connections. (E-mail:, Twitter: @Lisa_Palmer)

Green at Corporate Headquarters … But Brown in Washington?

How do large corporations positioning themselves as leaders in environmental sustainability handle differences with their Washington trade associations’ opposition to climate and energy policies to cut carbon emissions?


Climate Change Included in Science Teaching Guidelines

Proposed new science teaching guidelines make case for complex concepts in science education, including, for the first time, climate change.


The President’s Climate Pledge

President Obama in State of the Union Address places climate change adaptation and sustainable energy on heels of economic growth.


Growing Focus on Coastal Flooding

FEMA Flood Zone Maps Make Case for Climate Resiliency

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s advice to coastal property owners to elevate their homes or face higher insurance premiums is a harbinger of more things likely to come.


Reviewing Flight Behavior: A Novel by Barbara Kingsolver

Leading novelist Barbara Kingsolver’s climate change tale offers an urgent message in moral territory. It’s a perfect match of story teller and theme.


Climate Change 2.0: National Assessment Hammers Home Science Findings

The newly released National Climate Assessment from a team of federal agencies reinforces the climate-concerned messages from other reports and from a record year of natural disaster damages. But a question remains: Are the public and their leaders hearing the [...]


Looking Back to See Forward

Top Climate Change Stories of 2012

A look back on a landmark study, weird weather, Greenland’s ice sheet melt, and other highlights that shaped climate change science news last year.


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