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Michael Svoboda, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Writing at The George Washington University with a long interest in climate change communications. (E-mail:

A Look at Front-Page Coverage of EPA Proposed Power Plant Rules

EPA’s much-anticipated proposed coal fired power plant rules attracted major media attention in early June … but not necessarily as page one lead stories.


First-Day Coverage of 2014 National Climate Assessment

The early May release of the 2014 National Climate Assessment was big news in most major daily newspapers and cable news programs in the U.S. This Yale Climate Connections analysis of 634 page-one facsimiles* gathered by the Newseum offers insights into [...]


Risk, Uncertainty, Climate Change, and ‘March Madness’

Americans’ fascination with college basketball’s ‘March Madness’ may shed light on the analytical skills they can apply to addressing challenges posed by a warming climate.


Climate Change in the Vortex of America’s Bi-Polar Politics

Conservative, liberal, and moderate editorial cartoonists’ biting takes on the early-January ‘polar vortex’ and the spectacle of a Russian research vessel ice-bound while researching climate change in Antarctica will make readers laugh…and also weep.


From Social Change to Climate Change: Lessons from the 1960s?

The transformative events of the turbulent nineteen-sixties may offer lessons for the climate challenges of the 21st Century.


Communicating Climate Risks in a Challenging Political Climate

Increasing Risks + Declining Trust = More Risk?

Communicating risks posed by climate change is difficult in the best of times, and these are far from that, say risk analysis experts.


National Reporters Share Perspectives on Climate Beat

Three nationally recognized reporters talk about covering climate change amid some signs of ‘issue fatigue’ in a politically charged period.


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