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Michael Svoboda, Ph.D., is an Assistant Professor of Writing at The George Washington University with a long interest in climate change communications. (E-mail:

The Numbers Game: Communicating Climate Change by the Numbers

In evaluating arguments on climate change, great care is needed in how numbers are used…and in what context. With this week’s scheduled release of the first volume of IPCC’s next assessment report, this feature reviews recent work on numeracy.


Our Changing News Media

Mr. Amazon Goes to The Washington Post

With the news that the iconic Graham family is selling one of the nation’s leading dailies, uncertainties about traditional ‘mainstream’ news media move to a new level. How might a paper that helps set the agenda for national coverage of [...]


Countering the CO2 Is Good For Us Meme

Uprooting the ‘Carbon Dioxide Is Plant Food’ Argument

Two very different pictures of CO2 are again contending in the media. Reconciling these conflicting images remains a challenge in communicating climate change, but effective use of satire may be part of the solution.


The President as Communicator: How Obama Delivered His Climate Policies

The President, in his climate change speech, hit the right notes but didn’t connect them in a memorable tune. He left that communications task to his supporters.


From Global to ... ?

Refocusing Climate Policy

Four new reports underline the need to refocus the conversation on climate policy. The emphasis now should be on the national and subnational levels rather than the global. But who will carry this message, given the changing character and structure [...]


A Partial Eclipse of Earth News — by Boston Marathon Bombings

Saturation media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings crowded-out environmental and other news stories, again raising questions about how Americans — and their media — assess risk.


A Glimpse at the Washington ‘Forward on Climate’ Rally

Thousands gathered in Washington February 17 to urge the President to move on climate change and to protest the Keystone XL pipeline.


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