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Zeke Hausfather, a data scientist with extensive experience with clean technology interests in Silicon Valley, is currently a Senior Researcher with Berkeley Earth. He is a regular contributor to Yale Climate Connections (E-mail:, Twitter: @hausfath).

More Temperature Variability in a Warming World? Not So.

A little ‘good news’ at least relatively, as scientific evidence provides little basis for supporting a commonly held perception of more temperature variability in a warmer world.


New Research Explores Role of Trade Winds, Volcanoes in Warming ‘Hiatus’

Two new peer-reviewed studies further explore possible explanations for the slow-down in global warming over more than a decade, as scientists continue their quest to better understand the pause or ‘hiatus.’


The Global Climate in Context — 2013 in Review

In a not-so-extraordinary 2013 calendar year, IPCC’s higher estimate of potential sea-level rise by 2100 — in a worst case, up to one meter — may be the most notable in terms of the planet’s overall climate developments.


Rethinking the ‘Slow-Down’: New Work Revises Warming Estimates Upward

New research reflects data from previously unmeasured Arctic, Antarctic, and central Africa areas, refuting recent thinking on a purported recent slow-down in warming and increasing estimates of rising temperatures globally.


IPCC’s New Estimates for Increased Sea-Level Rise

Recently released sea-level rise findings from IPCC project greater increases than earlier forecast, but continuing uncertainties persist, and drawing direct comparisons with past estimates is difficult.


‘Vertical Human Fingerprint’ Found in Stratospheric Cooling, Tropospheric Warming

Newly published research in ’PNAS’ identifies what authors call a ‘vertical human fingerprint’ in satellite-based estimates of atmospheric temperature changes, adding still more to confidence levels about human influences in warming.


Examining the Recent Slow-Down in Global Warming

With upcoming release of IPCC Fifth Assessment Reports beginning late in September, there will be a sharp focus on specific issues like projected sea-level rise but also on broader issues like climate sensitivity and the decade-and-a-half-long slow-down in the rate [...]


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