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Zeke Hausfather, a data scientist with extensive experience with clean technology interests in Silicon Valley, is currently a Senior Researcher with Berkeley Earth. He is a regular contributor to Yale Climate Connections (E-mail:, Twitter: @hausfath).

Global CO2 Emissions: Increases Dwarf Recent U.S. Reductions

While U.S. CO2 emissions have shown unexpected declines in recent years, they’re just one piece of a big and complex puzzle. China’s and other developing-world countries’ growing emissions swamp the reductions seen in the U.S., the European Union, and Japan.


What’s Behind the ‘Good News’ Declines in U.S. CO2 Emissions?

Six key factors, combined with the impacts of a prolonged economic slowdown, have led U.S. CO2 emissions to fall to 1996 levels, making significant progress toward the long-abandoned Kyoto Protocol 1990 target. Is it conceivable that U.S. CO2 emissions may [...]


Anomalous Warmth? Context for Comments on, Critiques of, Study in Science

A March report published in Science magazine prompts widespread coverage and substantial online back-and-forths. But what’s it all mean for our understanding of past and future global temperatures?


Making Sense of Sensitivity … and Keeping It in Perspective

Climate ‘skeptics’ down-play the sensitivity of Earth’s climate to increased CO2 emissions and concentrations, and so might some policy makers. In the end, it’s the emissions and concentrations that most matter rather than uncertainties about climate sensitivity.


2012: Warmest Year for the U.S. … and Warm Too for the World

‘Multiple independent lines of evidence.’ Get used to hearing that term in reference to the past year’s record warmth across the contiguous United States and the near-record global temperatures too. The long-range forecast: a hotter planet by the end of [...]


Slightly Increased 2012 Antarctic Sea Ice Levels No Match for Arctic Declines

The year’s increased Antarctic sea ice levels cannot be seen as undercutting the long-term record decline in Arctic sea ice and the global sea ice decline generally.


Another Global Climate Meeting … Another Dump of E-Mails

A second strategically-timed unauthorized release of climate scientists’ e-mails dating from 2009 apparently seeks to disrupt international climate negotiations in Durban, South Africa. But the newly released materials, while not always flattering to authors or participants, shed little light on [...]


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