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More Temperature Variability in a Warming World? Not So.

A little ‘good news’ at least relatively, as scientific evidence provides little basis for supporting a commonly held perception of more temperature variability in a warmer world.


First-Day Coverage of 2014 National Climate Assessment

The early May release of the 2014 National Climate Assessment was big news in most major daily newspapers and cable news programs in the U.S. This Yale Climate Connections analysis of 634 page-one facsimiles* gathered by the Newseum offers insights into [...]


National Climate Assessment Report: Warming Here … and Now

With a focus on the United States and eight specific regions, the new comprehensive report offers insights on projected local and regional impacts.


Reporting on IPCC's New Climate Change Mitigation Analysis

Second-Day N.Y. Times Front-Pager Provides Essential Context

The New York Times’ second-day page-one report on ‘political realities’ in Washington provides essential context missing from media first-day IPCC report news coverage.


Risk, Uncertainty, Climate Change, and ‘March Madness’

Americans’ fascination with college basketball’s ‘March Madness’ may shed light on the analytical skills they can apply to addressing challenges posed by a warming climate.


Biomass Plant Seen as Culprit In Suspension of Gainesville Solar Program

Five years ago, Gainesville, Fla., launched a solar energy program that became a model for other cities looking to reduce their contributions to climate change. Now it’s been suspended amid a torrent of criticism. What happened to the so-called ‘golden [...]


At Issue: Role of Arctic Sea Ice Melt in Mid-Latitude Cold Extremes

A ‘real’ and legitimate settling of differences is under way in the science community far different from, and far more worthwhile than, the usual talk-show ‘battling pundits’ variety.


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