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The Numbers Game: Communicating Climate Change by the Numbers

In evaluating arguments on climate change, great care is needed in how numbers are used…and in what context. With this week’s scheduled release of the first volume of IPCC’s next assessment report, this feature reviews recent work on numeracy.


Examining the Recent Slow-Down in Global Warming

With upcoming release of IPCC Fifth Assessment Reports beginning late in September, there will be a sharp focus on specific issues like projected sea-level rise but also on broader issues like climate sensitivity and the decade-and-a-half-long slow-down in the rate [...]


A Look Back to See the Present More Clearly

John F. Kennedy, the Cold War and Echoes of the Climate Change Challenge

In this 50th anniversary year of JFK’s death, it’s worth pondering which of the many causes and themes advanced by Kennedy best speak to our time. John Wihbey reviews a new history by Jeffrey Sachs and looks at the scientific [...]


On ‘Green’ Products and Actions, Labeling Makes All the Difference

Want to turn on — or avoid turning off — someone based on their political leanings? Going ‘green’ may psych liberals and progressives…while blowing-off conservatives.


Countering the CO2 Is Good For Us Meme

Uprooting the ‘Carbon Dioxide Is Plant Food’ Argument

Two very different pictures of CO2 are again contending in the media. Reconciling these conflicting images remains a challenge in communicating climate change, but effective use of satire may be part of the solution.


Global CO2 Emissions: Increases Dwarf Recent U.S. Reductions

While U.S. CO2 emissions have shown unexpected declines in recent years, they’re just one piece of a big and complex puzzle. China’s and other developing-world countries’ growing emissions swamp the reductions seen in the U.S., the European Union, and Japan.


Guilt, Goals, and Mom: Human Behavior and Energy Use

A unique annual meeting at the Garrison Institute comes to grips — or at least tries to — with the human behavior component of energy use and climate. A key question: What makes people tick?


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