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What’s Behind the ‘Good News’ Declines in U.S. CO2 Emissions?

Six key factors, combined with the impacts of a prolonged economic slowdown, have led U.S. CO2 emissions to fall to 1996 levels, making significant progress toward the long-abandoned Kyoto Protocol 1990 target. Is it conceivable that U.S. CO2 emissions may [...]


Uncertainty No Excuse for Procrastinating on Climate Change

Researchers in Australia say that by reducing future uncertainties they conclude global warming of more than 3.6 degrees F by 2100 is ‘virtually certain,’ but they see a ‘reduced chance’  warming will exceed the 10.8 degree F ‘high threshold.’


W[h]ither Global Warming? Has It Slowed Down?

The so-called warming ‘hiatus’ over the past decade and a half is no reason for complacency on future warming. Mathematics teaches us that 15 years is simply too short a period from which to draw statistically valid conclusions.


Anomalous Warmth? Context for Comments on, Critiques of, Study in Science

A March report published in Science magazine prompts widespread coverage and substantial online back-and-forths. But what’s it all mean for our understanding of past and future global temperatures?


Points Leading Conservative Voices Most Often Make on Climate Change

Extreme weather, President Obama, Solyndra, and fears of economic harm are among common targets for prominent conservative voices opining on climate change.


'Something's Happening Here'

Millennials, Change, and Outlook for Climate Activism and Coverage

Youthful protesters are putting a face on climate change, helping to personalize an issue often seen as abstract. And some mainstream news outlets appear to be taking notice.


Making Sense of Sensitivity … and Keeping It in Perspective

Climate ‘skeptics’ down-play the sensitivity of Earth’s climate to increased CO2 emissions and concentrations, and so might some policy makers. In the end, it’s the emissions and concentrations that most matter rather than uncertainties about climate sensitivity.


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