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Key Things to Watch for, Climate-Wise, Throughout 2013

All forecasts of big news events in the coming year run risks of being scooped by the unforeseen, but not so with a forecast that many differing climate news developments will compete for the finite, and shrinking, news hole … [...]


Did Media Flub It or Ace It in News of Landmark Ice Sheet Study?

A review of 20 major news organization’s coverage of a recent study in Science on melting of ice sheets shows some high-quality reporting … but with lots of the coverage falling short on providing deeper context.


NOAA’s 2012 Arctic ‘Report Card’ … Danger Signs Ahead

It’s a year of broken records on sea and land ice melting, Arctic temperature, and more, report NOAA researchers … and a word of caution: ‘What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic.’


Language Heating Up as Planet Continues to ...

Four New Sobering Reports: Serious Warnings on Warming Planet

First came independent reports from respected global banking, energy, and national security perspectives … and then came a new study in Science by 47 international researchers cautioning about faster losses of land-based ice sheets in Greenland and Antarctica over the [...]


The Rise of Mobile News and Implications for Climate Change Coverage

The mobile news delivery devices increasingly likely to shape public understanding of our changing climate offer both rewards and risks, and that applies not only to those consuming news but also to those producing it in the first place.


California’s New Cap-and-Trade Program … Potential Global Model

‘Golden State’ pursues ‘Goldilocks’ economy and environment in challenging climate as world looks on for what could become global model.


New Ceres Report Rounds Up Key Data on Climate-Insurance Nexus

Ceres report highlights challenges home and casualty insurers face from damages posed by extreme weather events.


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