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A PBS ‘NewsHour’ Blog Post and Broadcast Provoke Viewers’ Ire

Commenters to  public broadcasting’s ‘NewsHour’ site decry a ‘hack piece’ of reporting involving an extensive interview with blogger skeptic and former weathercaster Anthony Watts … and also the several responses by the NewsHour editor and reporter directly involved.


Skeptical Uses of ‘Religion’ in Debate on Climate Change

‘Religion’ and religion-inspired terms — savior, prophet, priests, heretic, dogma, crusade — are regularly used in efforts to influence public attitudes about climate change. But how does this language work, and on whom?


Physicist Muller’s Big-Time Conversion: Was It News … or Just Slick P.R.?

‘BEST’ is the acronym physicist Richard Muller has given to his widely publicized research efforts on surface temperatures. But his and protagonist Anthony Watts’ latest campaigns seem more of the ‘best’ of public relations than of the best of science. [...]


A 2012 Look Back at Climate Writings from the Early 40s and 50s

From the perspective of the second decade of this 21st Century, the climate literature of the pre- and post-World War II periods provides valuable historical insights: Not the least of which is that climate by then was already finding its [...]


A Rhetorical Response to the Sackler Colloquium

Science Communication Needs the Humanities

The humanities can play a much-needed, and as yet unfulfilled, role in communicating climate science.


Limited Coverage: Climate Change and the Insurance Industry

Forecasts for more unpredictable and more extreme weather patterns have some insurers increasingly factoring climate change evidence into their actuarial tables. 


Whose is the Face, and the Voice, of Climate Change?

What individual does … or might yet … best serve as the ‘face and voice’ of climate change? Does any one? Can any one person do so in a public policy of such breadth and scope?


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