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Preaching FROM the Choir: A Review of ‘Water Is Rising’

Water is Rising, now touring the Northeast, is one of a number of this year’s theater productions bringing climate change to the stage. This one’s different in that indigenous musical troupes don’t act … but rather use song and dance [...]


Why Culture Matters in the Climate Debate

A new paper argues that climate educators and communicators are ignoring deeply held beliefs that influence climate skepticism.


The Population Quandary … in the Climate Context

For decades, population hogged the spotlight, even when the glare was harsh. But all eyes are on climate change these days, though it appears that population concerns are rising anew, along with the atmosphere’s concentration of greenhouse gases.


Making Funny with Climate Change

Comedy may be able to make inroads with audiences in ways that ‘serious journalism’ often cannot. With an issue as serious as climate science suggests, communicators should not shy from taking the risks of injecting humor as appropriate.


A First-Hand Perspective

Google’s Science Communication Fellows Confronting the ‘Paradox of Progress’

The ‘paradox of progress’ illustrated by climate change prompts a first-hand participant in a recent Google fellowship program to ponder how best to combine scientific and technological advances with improved public understanding for the benefit of society overall.


Making Climate Change Fun and Funny: Why Do It? For One Thing, Get Folks ‘Into the Room’

Is comedy on climate change an antidote to the obstacles impeding improved public understanding?  For one thing, it can get people otherwise not inclined “into the room,” says stand-up comedian Yoram Bauman of Seattle, who points also to other advantages.


Bjorn Yesterday … Bjorn Tomorrow?

A Critical Review of Bjorn Lomborg’s Cool It … and of Media ‘Complicity’ in Climate Contrarianism

As an engaging and charismatic communicator, Bjorn Lomborg has few peers addressing climate change. But an analysis of his Cool It documentary, now available on dvd, documents long-standing shortcomings reporters should consider so stories of personal courage and conviction don’t [...]


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