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The Yale Forum is Now Yale Climate Connections

The Yale Forum on Climate Change & the Media is now Yale Climate Connections.


The Yale Forum’s Brief ‘Hiatus’ or ‘Pause’

The Yale Forum on Climate Change & The Media will soon re-emerge as Yale Climate Connections, a new multimedia project designed to reach the proverbial ‘person on the street’ while still appealing to climate science and policy professionals.


Just Thinking … Climate Concerns in a Time of Growing ‘Climate Fatigue’?

Worry about science-based concerns over potential risks in a warmer climate is running into worry also about what it will take for scientists’ messages to get through to the public and policymakers … and the ‘climate fatigue’ concern. 


Lost in the Snow: When the Media Met the Polar Vortex

Climate change is transforming the circulation patterns which bring us our weather, but do journalists have enough scientific understanding to tell us what’s going on? (Reposted with permission of Kennedy School Review.)


A First-Person Perspective

Climate Change Confusion in a Rural Virginia Town

A discussion leader’s reference to a study said to challenge the climate change ‘consensus’ omits key points the audience should have been advised of .. such as whose views, exactly, were surveyed?


Thinking Appropriately About Climate Change

Think of climate scientists as doctors and yourself as a guardian of the planet, rather than debating the ‘fact’ of climate change, one expert advises, rejecting the criminal standard of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ approach. (Reprinted with permission of


On January’s Belated Gifts to Those Sowing Climate Doubts

Two spates of Arctic chills across a major part of the country, along with a stranded research vessel in Antarctica, provide ample rhetorical grist for those contesting climate science … the absence of scientific justification notwithstanding.


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