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Why the Politicized Climate Debate is Even More Politicized Than it Need Be

The Internet’s ‘filter bubble’, at its worst in the blogosphere, is furthering the deep politicization on climate change. Does sparring with those holding different opinions offer a way out?


Playing Defense Won’t Win the Day for Climate Communicators

Al Gore’s 24-hour climate change communications blitz faced a stiff challenge in its efforts to define the message while, in effect, playing defense. A challenge for climate communicators: How to re-capture the offensive.


Climate Links to Severe Weather: More Frequent in Media, And Just as Tricky

‘The new normal.’ It’s become something of a cliché, as with weird weather. Can the media and bloggers learn from their journalistic lessons in early coverage of the war on terror in resisting the pack mentality common to interests on [...]


Flogging the Media … But Really?

Both ‘sides’ in the climate change policy debate might at least share one thing in common: disdain for the media. News reporters covering climate issues are often singled out for their stories, and sometimes justifiably so. But critics could sharpen [...]


Editor’s Apologetic Resignation Blows Gaping Hole in Over-Hyped Media Story

An editor’s public resignation over his journal’s acceptance of a controversial report illustrates both the shortcomings of peer review and the over-hyping of a study by some in the media. The first in a series of regular postings.


A Personal Memory

Spending A Week Above Arctic Circle On M.S. Fram Off Greenland’s West Coast

An extraordinary week abroad a Norwegian cruise line ship leaves indelible memories of Greenland, the tiny settlements housing many of its 57,600 residents, and its vital and shrinking ice sheet and calving glaciers.


Mowing, Daydreaming, Glaciers ... and Richard Alley

On Mowing a Virginia Lawn … And Contemplating a Greenland Iceberg

What if my “discovery” of a long horizontal blue streak the length of a huge iceberg’s tunnel were the veritable missing link in the climate science puzzle. Alas. It  wasn’t to be, but the random thought made the lawn mowing [...]


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