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Climate Change in the Vortex of America’s Bi-Polar Politics

Conservative, liberal, and moderate editorial cartoonists’ biting takes on the early-January ‘polar vortex’ and the spectacle of a Russian research vessel ice-bound while researching climate change in Antarctica will make readers laugh…and also weep.


A Great Lecture Is a Thing of Beauty

There is more to climate change than carbon dioxide, and no reason for surface temperatures to track exactly with its atmospheric increase.


Typhoon Haiyan and Tacloban: Another Love Canal ‘Focusing Event’? Not So Fast

Media coverage of the devastating Philippines typhoon – and how the public over time digests that news — will shape any lasting climate policy impact. Best advice for now? Don’t hold your breath anticipating a quick policy response.


Managing Risks from Disasters: Advance Preparation Pays Dividends

Advance preparation can reduce some risks associated with disasters by making planning a part of development aid. It’s a classic case of ‘Pay me now, or pay me [lots more] later.’


On Looking Forward to the September 27 IPCC AR5 Initial Report

Some commentaries offer valuable insights on the significance of tomorrow’s initial release from IPCC of its Fifth Assessment Report. Rewards will go to those finding likely nuggets of gold in the report and in commentary on it over coming weeks [...]


On Snowden, The Guardian, the Public Attitudes toward Journalism

The seemingly overnight morphing from investigative journalist to partisan P.R. practitioner may be the underlying journalism ‘back story’ behind the headline-grabbing National Security Agency ‘leak’ … or, as some prefer, ‘whistle blowing.’


Part 2

A Denver TV Meteorologist … In His Own Words

In the second of his two-part posting, veteran Denver broadcast meteorologist Mike Nelson outlines how he reached his views on human-caused climate change.


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