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Heidi Cullen on Advising and Fact-Checking for Showtime’s ‘Years’

Climate Central climatologist Heidi Cullen discusses her role as one of the science advisers for upcoming Showtime ‘Years’ climate change documentary.


A First-Person Perspective

Climate Change Confusion in a Rural Virginia Town

A discussion leader’s reference to a study said to challenge the climate change ‘consensus’ omits key points the audience should have been advised of .. such as whose views, exactly, were surveyed?


Survey Released at AAAS: Scientists, Evangelicals Open to Collaboration

Survey results presented at AAAS annual meeting are seen as laying groundwork for more collaboration among evangelical and scientific interests.


Climate ‘Denialism’ Through Eyes of U.C. Davis Political Scientist

Stop calling them ‘denialists,’ a U.C. San Diego poli sci professor advises in outlining his three ‘species’ of climate skepticism. And, he says, get used to them … they’re not going away any time soon.


Western U.K.’s Winter of Weather Discontent Featured in New Video

New video produced for The Yale Forum points to historic storms ripping through much of southwestern coast of United Kingdom virtually since the start of 2014 and suggests slim odds they occurred naturally.


Thoughts on Abrupt Climate Change, As In 30 Years, not 100

University of Colorado Professor Jim White offers examples in the individual and corporate sectors of impacts that could be felt as a result of abrupt climate change. (Video)


Thinking Appropriately About Climate Change

Think of climate scientists as doctors and yourself as a guardian of the planet, rather than debating the ‘fact’ of climate change, one expert advises, rejecting the criminal standard of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ approach. (Reprinted with permission of


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