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Scientists' Quick Actions Avert P.R. Problems

Part I: Anatomy of a Times Atlas Screw-Up: Lessons for Scientists, Media

Quick actions by key scientists reacting to a Times Atlas Greenland blunder reflect sensitivities and lessons-learned from earlier climate science data snafus. First of a special two-part day-by-day review of a public relations calamity avoided.


Guest Commentary

Communications Challenges Coming From Durban

A key climate action advocate points to four key communications points she thinks critical coming out of the upcoming Durban UN Framework Convention meeting.


What Web Searches Reveal About Global Warming — And Us

Readily available research tools from Google and Yahoo! help paint a picture of peoples’ interests in climate change … or is it, ‘global warming’? … providing valuable insights for climate communicators.


A First-Person Account ...

Coal: A Love Story, Not A Gimmick

A 12-person student team addresses coal not as an energy story, but rather as a story of how our modern lives depend on an old energy source. One challenge: personalizing the story to help show how coal ‘lets us live.’


Interactive Graphics Illustrate Benefits of Visualizations on Climate Change Issues

In real estate, it’s location, location, location. In climate change communications … it’s visualizations, visualizations, visualizations.  Here we post some of the most iconic in the field and some having the most communications and information impact. 


Climate Scientists in Mock Court Room Settings; From Arbitration to ‘Voir Dire’ to Full (Pretend) Trial

Nearly two-dozen climate scientists and educators spent an intense week being trained on the ins and outs of courtroom civil trial questioning; trial stages and proceedings; arbitration hearings; and communications with plaintiff and defense counsel, with judges, and with media.


‘Climate Change’ … and ‘Global Warming’: The New Dirty Words? And If So … What Then?

The ‘hot’ terms of a then-hot public policy issue have cooled substantially in the past three years as advocates for action on climate change are shifting to more energy- and public health-related rhetoric to try to score their points.


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