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A Climate Ethicist's Perspective

Donald Brown on Climate and Ethics Moving Forward

Ethical issues and concerns for social justice lie at the heart of the climate change issue, argues an academic who has focused on climate ethics, and he says the media share responsibility for not adequately connecting the dots. 


Berkeley Linguist: Global Warming ‘Systemically Caused’ Hurricane Sandy

Cognitive linguist George Lakoff of Berkeley supports adding the term ‘systemic causation’ to our climate change dictionary and jargon. ‘Communicate the concept,’ he urges.  (Reposted with permission)


Sipping from Fire Hose of Superstorm Sandy’s ‘Teachable Moment’

Media and bloggers post numerous commentaries on Superstorm Sandy’s connection to a warmer climate, and on communications lessons-learned.


‘Egghead,’ Political Brawl and Quarrel Factors in Reporting on Climate

Media representatives, a scientist, and a climate scholar tackle climate communication challenges as part of annual environmental journalism conference.


Searing Heat, Raging Wildfires Offer ‘Teachable’ Summer Moments

Numerous media reports dealing with wildfires, with record-breaking heat, and with a possible connection to climate change capitalize on 2012 weather anomalies for a ‘teachable moment.’ And two articles in academic journals provide more context on the subject.


Climate Framing: Public Health Rather than Environment, National Security?

Researchers say climate frames reflecting public health, rather than environmental or national security issues, may do more at persuading those ‘as yet unpersuaded.’ Cautions expressed about a ‘boomerang’ or backlash effect from national security framing.


A Climate Scientist's First-Hand Experiences

Reddit as a Science Outreach Tool

Tony Barnston, a climate scientist at Columbia University’s International Research Institute for Climate and Society, engages with the broad public through Reddit, a social news site. ‘I would like to do another,’ he says.


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