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New Online Discussions on Good and Not-So-Good Climate Reporting

New ways of reporting on climate — and concerns over most current climate reporting (and lack of same) — are aired in recent panel discussions.


MPR News’ ‘Climate Cast’: Warming Could Make Big Floods More Likely

Minnesota Public Radio ‘Climate Cast’ meteorologist Paul Huttner recently discussed on his weekly broadcast how a warming planet could make ‘megafloods’ more likely, and examined how new FEMA flood maps will significantly expand flood zones.


Seeing Climate Change — in Time to Act on it

Landscape planner Stephen R.J. Sheppard explains how the systematic use of visualization techniques can help communities see local effects of climate change, adapt to its impacts, and reduce their contributions to its causes — while improving their quality of life.


Rather get arrested than just change light bulbs?

Having Citizen Action ‘Match the Scope of the Problem’

Should climate activists tell people to take shorter showers, get arrested — or both? Avoiding just a ‘piddly’ response to a ‘We’re doomed!’ message.


Real-World Legacy of a Fictional Presidency

Climate Change in The West Wing?

Climate policy communicators may wish to review the once-popular TV series to better understand opportunities and obstacles that may arise in the second Obama administration.


‘Chasing Ice’ Film Maker’s Take on Climate Story-Telling

Environmental photographer and filmmaker James Balog brings to AGU session a unique skill and message on communicating on climate change.


Communicators, Scientists See Strengths, Limits in Social Media, Blogging

A panel at AGU’s annual fall meeting sings the praises of communicating climate science through a wide range of media — from full-length books to Twitter tweets — and outlines rules of the road and strengths/limitations of each medium.


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