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‘Climate Connections’ Radio Series to Begin Airing on August 18

A ‘solutions’ based approach to climate change and its impacts, with a focus on actions being taken by individuals and entities to help reduce associated risks.


A Look at Front-Page Coverage of EPA Proposed Power Plant Rules

EPA’s much-anticipated proposed coal fired power plant rules attracted major media attention in early June … but not necessarily as page one lead stories.


First-Day Coverage of 2014 National Climate Assessment

The early May release of the 2014 National Climate Assessment was big news in most major daily newspapers and cable news programs in the U.S. This Yale Climate Connections analysis of 634 page-one facsimiles* gathered by the Newseum offers insights into [...]


On Climate…Notables and Quotables

A few of many memorable comments uttered over the past few weeks relative to climate change, admittedly unscientific and by no means all-inclusive.


Data Journalism: Do the Numbers Add Up to Climate Action?

Journalists and other communicators are increasingly using digital graphics to bring climate data to life. Will their creative new approaches help shake public ambivalence on the climate change issue?


Mann Wins Ruling for Researcher Privacy; Media Groups Disappointed

Climate scientist Michael Mann and his former employer, the University of Virginia, win a ruling from the state’s Supreme Court supporting them while dissatisfying media interests who had filed a friend-of-the-court brief.


Reporting on IPCC's New Climate Change Mitigation Analysis

Second-Day N.Y. Times Front-Pager Provides Essential Context

The New York Times’ second-day page-one report on ‘political realities’ in Washington provides essential context missing from media first-day IPCC report news coverage.


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