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Environmental News in the Digital Age

Without a Daily Newspaper Nine Months Now: Ann Arbor Learning to Adapt

Tracy Davis vividly remembers her reaction when she got word nearly a year ago that The Ann Arbor News, where she worked for nine years, primarily covering the environment, was closing. “I stood there with my mouth open for an [...]


... and moves to Times' opinion side

New York Times Reporter Andy Revkin Charts New Future as ‘Communicator’

It took longer than he had thought it might, but by the end of March, former New York Times science reporter Andrew C. Revkin had secured his new position with the “opinion side” of the online Times while maintaining his new [...]


AGU Exploring Scientists-Journalists Link Developed in Copenhagen to Meet Media Needs

Linking global climate science experts and media electronically. Several months ago, Stacy Jackson, a Ph.D. student at the University of California, Berkeley’s Energy and Resources Group, had one of those good ideas that most of us set aside and never [...]


If Scientists Don't Communicate ... Who Will?

New Job Assignment for Climate Scientists: Better Communications with Public, Media

Climate science can be about as complex as it gets, so it’s not surprising that the public at large is often confused about the subject. Even with broad international scientific agreement on much of the evidence surrounding anthropogenic climate change, [...]


Analyzing Headlines and Lead Sentences In Penn State’s Michael Mann Inquiry

A sampling of media coverage of Pennsylvania State University’s announcement of findings of an inquiry there illustrates how deadline reporting and headline-writing about a single straightforward news event can lead to differing shadings and colorings. Penn State had named an [...]


A Down-Under Journalistic ‘Wipeout’ In Covering Risks to the Great Barrier Reef

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA — Growing tensions between scientists and major news outlets in Australia center around scientists’ concerns over coverage of the potential effects of climate change on coral reefs. Many of the environmental scientists point to what they see as [...]


China’s Climate ‘Free Media’ In the International Spotlight

Along with the U.S. … China makes up the climate change ‘G2′ It’s a virtual truism that two countries matter above all others when it comes to avoiding the most severe impacts of anthropogenic climate change: the U.S. and China. [...]


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