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On New IPCC Report, WSJ Views Differ Greatly from Those of Other Dailies

WSJ somewhat commends latest IPCC report on climate change impacts, but reads the report far differently from four other major daily newspapers finding the report far more concerning than comforting.


'Nobody is Immune'

Major News Outlets: Somber Reporting on ‘Bleak’ IPCC Study

The nation’s largest and most influential daily news outlets give voice to increasingly troubling assessments from world’s leading group of climate scientists. Some say the general ‘tone’ of the climate discussion is changing.


Lost in the Snow: When the Media Met the Polar Vortex

Climate change is transforming the circulation patterns which bring us our weather, but do journalists have enough scientific understanding to tell us what’s going on? (Reposted with permission of Kennedy School Review.)


Six Climate Freelancers Seeking Support Base of 800 Subscribers

The clock is running for six ‘seasoned’ freelancers looking to raise crowd-funding support of their climate and environmental journalism.


Can ‘Unbiased, Fact-Based, In-Depth’ Environmental News Compete?

Al Jazeera America says it is out to advance environmental news coverage on cable TV. And it’s not letting up … but can it compete with the likes, for instance, of reality TV, Donald Trump or ‘the Biebs’?


February 7 Deadline for Nominations for Academies’ $20,000 Keck Awards

The National Academies plans to make awards for outstanding science reporting or communications in books, film/radio/TV, magazine/newspaper, and online media.


Reviewing Top U.S. Climate News Stories of 2013

A devastating storm, a new call for action on climate change, and the decline of coal — these and other events highlight the year 2013 in climate change in the U.S., by the numbers.


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