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Early Headlines on New IPCC Report

Timing, stiff competition for finite news ‘holes,’ earlier leaks of major news, and the absence of a real ‘headline grabber’… all contributed to a relative dearth of front-page media attention to the first installment of IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report.


Southwestern U.S. TV Mets Attend Full-Day Weather/Climate Workshop

A visit to the University of Arizona’s famed tree-ring research lab caps a climate/weather workshop for southwestern U.S. TV meteorologists.


Grist’s David Roberts: A Hot Light on Warming Planet Goes Stone-Cold

Idiosyncratic Grist columnist, badly burned-out and OD-ed by 10 years on the 24/7 climate news cycle, steps away for a year to clear his head.


Our Changing News Media

Mr. Amazon Goes to The Washington Post

With the news that the iconic Graham family is selling one of the nation’s leading dailies, uncertainties about traditional ‘mainstream’ news media move to a new level. How might a paper that helps set the agenda for national coverage of [...]


On Snowden, The Guardian, the Public Attitudes toward Journalism

The seemingly overnight morphing from investigative journalist to partisan P.R. practitioner may be the underlying journalism ‘back story’ behind the headline-grabbing National Security Agency ‘leak’ … or, as some prefer, ‘whistle blowing.’


What Makes Climate Communicator George Marshall Tick?

Who is George Marshall? And why is he devoting his life to getting people around the world to talk in new ways about climate change?


National Climate Assessment: Plenty of Grist for the Media Mill

A first draft of the Congressionally mandated ‘National Climate Assessment’ offers plenty of material for informing audiences about climate impacts, even as it undergoes further revisions heading toward an early 2014 final report.


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