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A Partial Eclipse of Earth News — by Boston Marathon Bombings

Saturation media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombings crowded-out environmental and other news stories, again raising questions about how Americans — and their media — assess risk.


2013 ‘State of’ Report Describes Continuing Woes of Journalism

Report details another year of declining hard-news audience numbers and shrinking newsroom staffs — with P.R. supplanting real news in more and more cases. ‘And that’s the way it is,’ the late Walter Cronkite might lament in regarding today’s news [...]


Ongoing 'NewsHour' Coverage to Continue

Snowfall, Winter Sports Concludes PBS ‘NewsHour’ Climate Series

A year-long PBS ‘NewsHour’ series on climate change comes to a smooth landing in a piece dealing with issues facing winter sports interests. PBS says coverage of climate change won’t end here.


Gold Turning to Brown in ‘Golden State’ Ag Fields?

The nation’s food shoppers and dining tables could be facing soaring prices and increasing scarcities from California’s leading agricultural suppliers in the warmer atmosphere they likely are facing.


New Online Discussions on Good and Not-So-Good Climate Reporting

New ways of reporting on climate — and concerns over most current climate reporting (and lack of same) — are aired in recent panel discussions.


Looking Back to See Forward

Top Climate Change Stories of 2012

A look back on a landmark study, weird weather, Greenland’s ice sheet melt, and other highlights that shaped climate change science news last year.


Did Media Flub It or Ace It in News of Landmark Ice Sheet Study?

A review of 20 major news organization’s coverage of a recent study in Science on melting of ice sheets shows some high-quality reporting … but with lots of the coverage falling short on providing deeper context.


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