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Climate Framing: Public Health Rather than Environment, National Security?

Researchers say climate frames reflecting public health, rather than environmental or national security issues, may do more at persuading those ‘as yet unpersuaded.’ Cautions expressed about a ‘boomerang’ or backlash effect from national security framing.


Tools for the Anthropocene: Animation — but without the Nostalgia

Animation is a powerful tool communicators can use to enhance their messaging on climate change, but effective messaging can still be nullified by faulty transmission or bad reception.


Science Writing: Funny? Yes. But Also Another Side?

Is an AAAS Science Careers blog post a witty and insightful commentary on science writing and science journalism? Or is it the other ‘incite-ful’ and a bit ‘snarky’ notwithstanding its comedic value?


Nature Conservancy Scientist Named CBS News Contributor

A U. of Montana research scientist and Nature Conservancy senior scientist adds to his portfolio as Science and Environmental Contributor for CBS News.


Changing the Climate Story

Competing Narratives in U.S. Television News

Content analysis of TV news coverage from 2001 to 2010, reflecting six basic narrative lines, shows striking on-air differences between cable coverage on Fox and CNN and broadcast news on ABC and other traditional networks.


Lots of Lessons to be Learned

On Leaked Heartland Documents: Relax, Breathe Deeply, Take Your Time …

Fast-breaking developments surrounding leaks of what were portrayed to be original documents from the ‘skeptical’ Heartland Institute carry lessons for all. But only if we step back and cogitate … things not in the DNA of the 24/7 blog news [...]


Adapting to the New Media Climate for Climate Change

E&E: Covering Climate Change in the Age of Digital Media

Amidst a shrinking ‘news hole’ for science news coverage by mainstream media, this Special Report explores how a still-upstart digital publisher finds itself among the top producers in the climate reporting niche. A successful business model perhaps. But can it offset the loss of ’public’ coverage [...]


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