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The Big Climate Stories of 2011

What was the big news and will it carry over into the New Year?


Real People, Real Faces, Real Day-In/Day-Out Issues

Farmers’ Voices Too Often Missing In Climate Reporting, Journalists Advised

Scientist and agriculture writer Gary Paul Nabhan urges journalists to give farmers bigger voice in climate change reporting.


Think Hotdogs (Fear, Guilt Need Not Apply)

A More Appetizing Hotdog Approach to Climate Communication?

Wanted: Climate change communication that is surprising, delightful, beautiful, or witty. Over-the-top appeals to fear or guilt need not apply.


Crowdsourcing the Climate: Evolving Media, Policy, and Science Practice

Imagine one-seventh of the world’s population — a billion people — contributing to identifying solutions to global climate change, doing something their political leaders may not be able to do on their own. Does ‘crowdsourcing’ … show the way?


SEJ Journalists Meeting Confronts Bitter Pills on Climate Future

‘What hope?’ is there, a veteran environmental reporter asks a panel after hearing their bleak prognoses for addressing the planet’s climate challenges?  And Einstein’s advice … simple but not too simple.


A Key: Avoiding Journalistic Compromises?

NSF and NBCLearn Blaze New Path On Collaborative Science Journalism

A new funding partnership between NSF and an NBC affiliate promises more informed coverage of climate science. But questions arise about implications for journalistic independence and integrity.


Cloudy Controversies: The Science Behind the Spencer-Braswell Paper

There’s a lesson to be learned from an editor’s having resigned over his journal’s publication of a research report thought to have been inadequately reviewed: extraordinary claims must be supported by extraordinary evidence. Headline writers and media … take note.


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