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The 'Global Warming' vs. 'Climate Change' Riddle (Again and Still)

Riley Dunlap on What a Difference Two Words Make … Or Do They Really?

So, is it ‘global warming’? Or better to say ‘climate change’? With both terms ‘politically polarized,’ it may come down to a matter of … Pick your poison.


Liberal Columnist Voices Climate Despair Sentiments

It’s bad enough that too many appear insufficiently concerned about climate change impacts, but what really hurts is when those duly concerned are on verge of throwing in the towel.


National Climate Assessment Due to be Released

The final edition of the National Climate Assessment, which was released in draft form about a year ago, is expected to reflect some approaches designed to make it more accessible for the public and more useful for decisionmakers.


7 Minutes on Climate Change Basics Q&As

AMS’s Paul Higgins offers concise seven-minute video tutorial addressing fundamental climate change questions, providing a useful resource for communicators and educators.


UCS Report Assesses CNN, Fox, MSNBC Cable Coverage of Climate in 2013

The science and advocacy organization finds MSNBC’s coverage most ‘entirely accurate,’ followed by CNN, and then by Fox News Channel, and says all could take steps to strengthen their climate reporting.


Texas A&M’s Andy Dessler on ‘Decision Making Under Uncertainty’

A convenient YouTube six-minute video by a Texas A&M atmospheric scientist offers a useful resource for considering — and for teaching — decision making in the context of uncertainties.


A ‘Plug’ for Showtime’s Coming ‘Years of Living Dangerously’

The upcoming Showtime documentary series knits together a powerful message on a critical global issue through punchy storytelling and an emphasis on ‘real people’ confronting a warming planet. First episode to be available free online starting April 7.


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