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U.K. Met Office Report Counters Claims on Significance of ‘Warming Pause’

A report from the United Kingdom’s Met Office makes the case that a decade-and-a-half-long ‘pause’ in warming provides no basis for backing off from concerns over continued warming.


Romm, Climate Progress: More Original and Investigative Reporting

A major ‘liberal’ voice on climate change issues attempts to do the kind of climate journalism long missing in many mainstream media outlets. Long hypercritical of reporting on climate, blogger Joe Romm and his colleagues now will be doing their [...]


Yogi Berra and Emerging ‘Memes’ Post-Obama Climate Speech

President’s June climate speech gives rise to several widespread ‘memes’ as second-term clock begins soon to wind down. Tick-tock, tick-tock.


A Few Very Worthwhile Minutes Catching Recent Broadcasts

Public radio’s ‘This American Life’ and two CBS News segments provided valuable coverage of climate change in the past few days, and all three of the stories are well worth watching for those who may have missed them.


Climate and ‘Increasingly Wild Weather’ Focus of June 6 Seminar

Stu Ostro of Weather Channel and Rutgers scientist Jennifer Francis to address June 6 Washington, D.C., presentation at World Wildlife Fund headquarters.

READ MORE, U of Queensland Assessing Consensus on Human Causation founder John Cook says survey involving some 12,000 papers will measure level of scientific consensus on human contributions to warming planet.


Spunky Video: Climate Change NOT an Environmental Issue

Fun and in some places a bit profane, a five-minute YouTube video provides entertaining and strongly held views on climate change and difficulties resulting in part from media misrepresentations.


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