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Gore: Al Jazeera Climate Coverage ‘Far More Extensive’ than Other Networks

The former Vice President, promoting his new book about the future, defends his recent sale of his independently owned Current TV cable network to Al Jazeera.


Al Gore and ABC’s Bill Blakemore Among Harvard Online Presenters

Harvard’s online Extension Service is about to begin a semester-long climate change science, social impacts course for non-credit and for-credit registrants and for either graduate or undergraduate credits. Today’s first class available to all.


New York Times Re-Org Poses Reporting Challenges

The newspaper’s decision to scrap its specialized environment reporting structure raises coverage questions going forward: Will the paper still be the best even if it’s not at its best?


What if the Subject Had Been Avoided Altogether?

The ‘Where’ and ‘When’ of Obama’s Inaugural Remarks

Obama’s inauguration day climate remarks reflect the President’s ability to ‘speak softly’ yet firmly on the climate challenge. Still to be determined: just how big a stick he’ll wield in moving forward.


NOAA’s ‘State of the Climate’: A Litany of 2012 Weather Records

Those instinctual and personal (and often entirely unscientific) fears of 2012′s having been a weather bummer turn out to be largely on-target, as NOAA data point to a year of uncomfortable records.


Performing Arts Conference in New York to Address Climate Change

More than 3,000 performing arts professionals from two-dozen countries expected at annual performing artists conference this month in New York City, with climate change the focus in two sessions.


Climate Literacy? No, Says Texas A&M Scientist … ‘Meta-Literacy?’ Yes

Given the level of complexity, any realistic amount of public climate literacy will still leave openings for incorrect claims. A Texas A&M scientist and Texas state climatologist offers a different prescription.


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