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A Look Back to See the Present More Clearly

John F. Kennedy, the Cold War and Echoes of the Climate Change Challenge

In this 50th anniversary year of JFK’s death, it’s worth pondering which of the many causes and themes advanced by Kennedy best speak to our time. John Wihbey reviews a new history by Jeffrey Sachs and looks at the scientific [...]


Youths Role-Play to Right the Earth — at Stanford Summer Camp

Three-dozen academically talented fifth and sixth graders from around the world experience an intensive three-week climate change science and policy class…and finish with a mock United Nations summit.


National Climate Assessment: Plenty of Grist for the Media Mill

A first draft of the Congressionally mandated ‘National Climate Assessment’ offers plenty of material for informing audiences about climate impacts, even as it undergoes further revisions heading toward an early 2014 final report.


From Global to ... ?

Refocusing Climate Policy

Four new reports underline the need to refocus the conversation on climate policy. The emphasis now should be on the national and subnational levels rather than the global. But who will carry this message, given the changing character and structure [...]


Roundup: How U.S. Media Are Covering the German Rush for Renewables

Two competing narratives emerge in a tale of an industrial giant going green.


President’s Science Advisors Suggest Do-able Second Term Policies


Climate Change 2.0: National Assessment Hammers Home Science Findings

The newly released National Climate Assessment from a team of federal agencies reinforces the climate-concerned messages from other reports and from a record year of natural disaster damages. But a question remains: Are the public and their leaders hearing the [...]


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