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Part II of a Series on Climate and Major Religions

The Catholic Church and Climate Change

The Catholic Church hierarchy, beginning with the Pope more than two decades ago, has framed climate change as a moral issue involving ‘the future of God’s creation’ and one best viewed through four principles guiding Catholics’ worldview.


Nationwide Climate ‘Preach-In’ To Target Broad Faith-Group Congregations

An upcoming national climate change ‘Preach-In’ is part of a series of climate communications activities aimed at informing and enlisting involvement of faith groups and individual congregations in addressing climate change.


What to Make of the Durban Climate Deal?

The recently concluded talks in South Africa yielded an agreement. But to what end? Figuring that out is anybody’s guess.


AGU ‘Other Meeting’ Offers Scientific Grist for Thousands from Around World

Annual AGU fall meeting in San Francisco provides thousands from across the globe scientific insights on what motivates — or should — the on-again/off-again COP talks on an international climate change treaty.


Guest Commentary

Communications Challenges Coming From Durban

A key climate action advocate points to four key communications points she thinks critical coming out of the upcoming Durban UN Framework Convention meeting.


Next in Line ... Aggressive Implementation?

Communications, Decision Support Seen Key In Government’s Research Plan

Strong words put forth for communications as part of strategic plan for Global Change Research Program. Still To Be Determined: Will actions match the words?


As Global Temps Rise, More Companies Begin Adapting to a Warmer World

Adjusting and adapting to an inevitably warmer world, more far-sighted private companies are moving forward even in the absence of strong government leadership globally and nationally. Understanding, anticipating and managing their risks are becoming those companies’ new, and challenging, reality.


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