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Was It Editing ... or Misleading Splicing?

BBC ‘Newsnight’ Editing of Obama Inaugural Address Prompts Criticisms

View larger image BBC ‘Newsnight’ website link to video One of the proudest and most credible names in journalism, BBC, has found itself challenged on its questionable editing and splicing of President Obama’s science and climate change remarks during his [...]


Scoping Out the Year Ahead: Change May be the One Certainty

The New Year has begun with a blast of arctic air freezing much of the country. The winter weather – and of course it’s weather and not climate – isn’t exactly the kind of motivation people need to think about [...]


Obama Video Talk to Governors Prompts ‘Surprise’ Tone in Much News Coverage

Surprise – that President-Elect Barack Obama is confronting climate change in the midst of deepening global economic woes – and, again, surprise – that he took on climate change directly and firmly weeks before he officially takes office January 20. [...]


Obama, Financial Crisis, Climate Change: Rocky Road Ahead for Journalism and Climate

After Hurricane Katrina, An Inconvenient Truth, the 2007 reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and other events pushed the climate change issue higher on the public agenda, it may have seemed that it wouldn’t soon slide back down.


'It's the Economy [Not the Climate], Stupid!'

Media’s Presidential Endorsements
Offer Insights into Wanted Next Steps

Newspaper endorsements in a presidential election reveal more than where the nation has been or where it is now. They point the way toward a national agenda for the future. By that measure, most American newspapers saw little room on [...]


Science Debate 2008 Group Quizzes Candidates Obama and McCain on Science Issues

Presidential candidates Barack Obama’s and John McCain’s responses to 14 questions about science policy provide insights into similarities and differences they might take in office.


Candidates’ Convention Speeches Leave Vacuum; Cloudy Priorities for Whomever Succeeds Bush?

Convention speeches, designed to introduce presidential candidates to American voters just beginning to pay attention, help define the priorities and passions of candidates and their parties. If you were looking for more than a mention of the biggest environmental issue [...]


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