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Communicating Climate Risks in a Challenging Political Climate

Increasing Risks + Declining Trust = More Risk?

Communicating risks posed by climate change is difficult in the best of times, and these are far from that, say risk analysis experts.


State Narrows Scope of Study Based on 'Cyclical' Language

Scientists Forsake a Nebraska Climate Study Mum on Human Influences

A proposed $44,000 state-funded study of climate impacts in Nebraska precludes consideration of humans’ role, so University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists shun the approach and plan their own independent study.


Strange Bedfellows? Climate Change Denial and Support for Geoengineering

Potential benefits of geoengineering, despite attendant risks, appeal to some interests showing little concern for the seriousness of the climate change issue generally. What goes here? 


SCC — Social Costs of Carbon: A Continuing Little-Told Story

While the limelight continues to focus on more headline-friendly issues like the upcoming IPCC ‘AR 5′ reports, an intriguing, but wonkish, story continues to play out on social cost of carbon cost/benefit analyses.


The Gay-Rights Playbook: How to Fight Climate Change Now

How can climate warriors build an unstoppable social movement — and avoid a global catastrophe? Lisa Bennett sees seven lessons from the struggle for marriage equality.


Countering the CO2 Is Good For Us Meme

Uprooting the ‘Carbon Dioxide Is Plant Food’ Argument

Two very different pictures of CO2 are again contending in the media. Reconciling these conflicting images remains a challenge in communicating climate change, but effective use of satire may be part of the solution.


The President as Communicator: How Obama Delivered His Climate Policies

The President, in his climate change speech, hit the right notes but didn’t connect them in a memorable tune. He left that communications task to his supporters.


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