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Will More Conservatives Experience an ‘R Street’ or Bob Inglis ‘Metamorphosis’?

Some conservative interests are seeking a climate change ‘silver bullet’ attractive to their ranks and to their economic and political philosophies. An upstart Heartland Institute spin-off and a former South Carolina congressman are among those trying to show the way.


Markey's U.S. Senate Victory

Climate Change is Context, but Not Decisive in Special Senate Election

Climate change lessons to be drawn from Markey’s victory are vague and unclear, as climate/elections focus now shifts to Virginia gubernatorial campaign involving Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.


Budget ‘Sequestration’ and Climate Change: The Looming Reality of Less Science

Don’t look now, but the much ballyhooed budget ‘sequestration’ shenanigans under way in the Nation’s Capital are beginning to have some pretty sobering effects on the nation’s climate change science efforts. Round and round, but where it goes … nobody [...]


Obama’s Climate Change Bully Pulpit … Muted? Unplugged? MIA?

The silence from the White House and the President on climate change is deafening, leaving observers beyond the inner sanctum to only wonder what, if anything, is really happening. Or might happen next. Or not at all.


Green at Corporate Headquarters … But Brown in Washington?

How do large corporations positioning themselves as leaders in environmental sustainability handle differences with their Washington trade associations’ opposition to climate and energy policies to cut carbon emissions?


Points Leading Conservative Voices Most Often Make on Climate Change

Extreme weather, President Obama, Solyndra, and fears of economic harm are among common targets for prominent conservative voices opining on climate change.


A Glimpse at the Washington ‘Forward on Climate’ Rally

Thousands gathered in Washington February 17 to urge the President to move on climate change and to protest the Keystone XL pipeline.


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