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How President Clinton, ‘Explainer-in-Chief,’ Frames Climate Change

Insights from the former President on talking with those steadfastly rejecting climate science, on the ‘Tattoo Vote’ … and on the ‘economic argument.’


Communication Implications of the 'Mann-Ornstein Hypothesis'

Can Framing Overcome Political Scheming?

Climate change is mentioned just once in It’s Even Worse Than It Looks, the new book by respected Washington insiders Thomas E. Mann and Norman J. Ornstein, but the book offers at least two important lessons for climate change communicators.


Margaret Thatcher, Others: Neither ‘Murderers, Tyrants, nor Madmen’

Peter Sinclair’s monthly Yale Forum video uses historical footage to debunk an assertion that the most well-known climate change ‘advocates’ are … ‘murderers, tyrants, and madmen.’


On Engaging with Climate 'Skeptics'

Changing the Cultural Climate … on Climate Culture

A respected climate scientist, in the aftermath of an ‘ugly’ billboard posting campaign, reflects on the merits of … and need for … continued efforts to engage climate ‘skeptics’ in order to seek-out approaches to what he labels ‘one of [...]


Commentary and Personal Opinion

Mind-Blowing Heartland Street Poster Fiasco

Few institutional climate change communication blunders compare with that of a recent short-lived Heartland Institute street poster initiative. What could they have been thinking?


Series on Climate and Major Religions

‘Green Muslims,’ Eco-Islam and Evolving Climate Change Consciousness

High levels of climate concern, bounded by costs of managing climate risks, characterize much of the Muslim world, with interesting differences from the West on the science/religion relationship … and with a preference for viewing climate change through a broader [...]


Cartoonists, Politics and Climate Change

A review of 500 editorial points to subtle but potentially significant differences between cartoonists on opposing ‘sides’ of the climate change debate.


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