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Is Democracy Failing the Planet? Or Are We Failing To Be Democratic?

The issue of the suitability — or unsuitability — of democratic systems for tackling issues such as global climate change is not a new one. But does the remedy lie in scrapping democracy, in strengthening democratic practices, or in removing [...]


2012 GOP Candidates Demonstrate Dramatic Political Shift on Climate

Republican candidates for the 2012 presidential nomination overwhelmingly agree in rejecting evidence that Earth is warming and that humans are substantially responsible. But just three years ago, both major party presidential candidates were pledging to cut greenhouse emissions. What’s changed?


GOP Candidates' Climate Views Challenged

Media ‘Fact-Checkers,’ Home State Papers Give Candidates Thumbs-Down

National news media ‘fact-checking’ operations and candidates’ own home state dailies are generally faulting GOP presidential candidates’ climate views, saying they are inconsistent with scientific evidence.


Becoming A Climate Pragmatist*

The climate discourse needs ‘a new way,’ a policy expert advises, with an effort to ‘meet people where they are’ and focus more on solving the climate challenge rather than just winning the argument.


The Conversation’s ‘Democracy is Failing the Planet’

An Australian academic blasts shortcomings of democracy in addressing climate change challenges. And, in a provocative essay, also points to democracy as the answer to those problems.


A Mixed Media Verdict on Tar Sands Mass Action, Arrests

Some say the media missed an important moment during the big late-summer White House protest. Now, another media test looms, with a second protest scheduled for November 6.


'Access Denied' ...

Science News and Government Transparency Under the Obama Administration

Reporters at a session hosted by the National Press Club vent their frustrations with what they generally see as the low level of ‘transparency’ afforded media under the Obama administration.  They point to one bright spot:  improved access to online [...]


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