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Putting Candidates and Others on the Spot

An open dialogue built on mutual trust may provide the best way to jump-start the ongoing serious dialogue climate change demands from those who would lead our country. The campaign season makes such a dialogue timely … and urgent.


‘Climate Change’ … and ‘Global Warming’: The New Dirty Words? And If So … What Then?

The ‘hot’ terms of a then-hot public policy issue have cooled substantially in the past three years as advocates for action on climate change are shifting to more energy- and public health-related rhetoric to try to score their points.


Academy Addresses Congress’s Questions; But Question: How Many on Capitol Hill Listening?

The Congress that this year received advice from the National Academy of Sciences on climate change is a very different one from the Congress that three years ago authorized nearly $6 million for the study. Whether anyone on Capitol Hill [...]


An Inconvenient Anniversary?

Communicating Climate Change Five Years after An Inconvenient Truth

Memorial Day weekend 2011 marks the fifth anniversary of the release of the Al Gore film An Inconvenient Truth, by any measure a milestone in climate change communications. A retrospective analysis examines how the film and the former vice president [...]


Elections Coverage in Rear-View Mirror: How Key Media Played Climate and Prop 23 Vote

“It’s the climate, stupid.” So far as anyone knows, that was decidedly not the campaign counsel that first-string political confidants were giving their top-rung candidates, Bill Clinton’s campaign savant James Carville notwithstanding. The pre- and post-election punditry focused more on [...]


Cap-and Trade Votes: How Big an Issue?

Post-Elections Climate Analyses Through Lens of Major Newspapers

Major national newspapers’ post-election analyses of the November 2 election results ranged from meticulous reporting on climate and related energy issues … to the incongruous. An analysis of several major newspapers’ coverage shows the major dailies increased coverage of climate [...]


How State's Dailies Played Prop. 23 Run-Up, Defeat

California Dailies’ Pre- and Post-Election Reporting: Most, not All, Opposed Prop. 23 Climate Initiative

A funny thing happened to Prop. 23, the California ballot measure designed to suspend the state’s landmark law to lower carbon emissions, on its way to election day. It was basically mugged — stopped dead in its tracks by opponents [...]


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