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Continuing Concerns over Implications Of Climate Change for National Security

At a recent briefing on Capitol Hill, far from the alert attention of mainstream news organizations, retired General Anthony Zinni warned that the global loss of forests, freshwater, fish and arable land is driving political instability and threatening global security.


23/32 ... Mirror Opposites in More Ways Than One

California Initiative Likely to be Focus Of Climate Interest Come Election Day

Eyes will be on California voters on November climate bill vote. For those who want legislative action on climate change, the past year delivered a one-two punch against progress. First there was Copenhagen, full of promise but deflated by economic [...]


‘Plain English’ Rebuttals of Skeptics Being Posted at, an increasingly popular and successful Australia-based site committed to rebutting common climate “skeptics” positions, now is emphasizing its communications in “basic English.”


Hacked E-Mails — ‘Significant’ Factor In Fall-off of Support for Science, Scientists

Both climate science and scientists generally have taken a “significant” hit in the world of public opinion as a result of the fall of 2009 hacked e-mails controversy at the University of East Anglia. But the full picture is more [...]


Massaging the Climate Message: New Political Conditions Bring Shifting Strategies

Future historians may regard recent weeks as a momentary breathing spell in the political trajectory of the climate issue. In the courts, preliminary rulings are awaited on a spate of legal challenges to the Environmental Protection Agency’s finding that greenhouse [...]


Duke’s Nicholas School Dean Bill Chameides; From Academia to EDF Activism and Back

DURHAM, N.C. – When it comes to climate communication, many scientists have a “love-hate” relationship with the media. That’s the assessment of Bill Chameides, dean of the Nicholas School of the Environment at Duke University. Before his appointment at the [...]


What's in a Word?

The Coming Lexicon Challenge: ‘Climate Adaptation’ – Saying What We Mean

Can thoughtful climate lexicon avoid the kind of rhetorical congestion that has so far framed the climate debate? As the ‘Climategate’ controversy has sent the science and policy community back to the communications drawing board, it’s a good time to [...]


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