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Hotter Planet: How will it hurt our health?

Q&A with ‘Fevered’ Author Linda Marsa

Discover magazine Contributing Editor describes her soon-to-be-released non-fiction book as a ‘natural off-shoot’ of her news reporting on climate change. One suggestion: a ‘medical Marshall Plan.’


Growing Focus on Coastal Flooding

FEMA Flood Zone Maps Make Case for Climate Resiliency

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s advice to coastal property owners to elevate their homes or face higher insurance premiums is a harbinger of more things likely to come.


Broader Public Health Perspective Urged

Panel: Improve Reporting on Full Range of Public Health Impacts

Covering only the direct health impacts of climate change misses half the story, a panel advises reporters at SEJ’s annual conference.


Climate Framing: Public Health Rather than Environment, National Security?

Researchers say climate frames reflecting public health, rather than environmental or national security issues, may do more at persuading those ‘as yet unpersuaded.’ Cautions expressed about a ‘boomerang’ or backlash effect from national security framing.


Native Americans and a Changing Climate

They’re among North America’s most vulnerable population groups, and their 95 million acres of tribal lands present Native Americans with a complex array of challenges and opportunities as they confront a warming climate.


Targeting Soot, Methane, HFCs ... for Now

Picking Fight with CO2 Bully: OR…Near-Term Effort for Short-Term Gains

Tackling black carbon (soot) and other short-term pollutants buys valuable time for tackling CO2. But in long term, CO2 emissions reductions are seen as remaining critical.


Rising Temperatures and Threats to Health

More Concerted Action on Public Health Coming from Medical Community Interests

Public health/climate change connections increasingly being recognized by the medical establishment might help in informing the public at large. Policy experts say a growing awareness of the public health/climate linkage could be a key in breaking through political logjams impeding [...]


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