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On Hearing Your New Book Already Needs Updating

Michael Mann’s ‘Hockey Stick’ Dispatches

The scientist most identified with the climate change ‘hockey stick’ graph offers his own first-hand views on having become one of climate skeptics’ favorite punching bags. And in his just-released book, Mann characteristically does so with gusto.


In Fool Me Twice, Shawn Lawrence Otto Delivers Valuable Back Stories

The individual behind the 2008 presidential campaign ‘Science Debate’ initiative tells where we are with research science in the current political atmosphere. But more importantly, he also tells how we’ve gotten to where we are, and where we may be [...]


Preaching FROM the Choir: A Review of ‘Water Is Rising’

Water is Rising, now touring the Northeast, is one of a number of this year’s theater productions bringing climate change to the stage. This one’s different in that indigenous musical troupes don’t act … but rather use song and dance [...]


Ray Bradley’s No-Holds-Barred Critique On Politics of Climate Change

Scientist Ray Bradley vents about with what he views as the political chicanery aimed at climate scientists for, in effect, ‘just doing their work’ … and finding evidence of a human-caused warming climate.


The Fate of Greenland: Exceptional Storytelling, Extraordinary Photography

Vivid storytelling and equally vivid photography combine in MIT Press’ new The Fate of Greenland, making for a page-turner climate change experts and those relatively new to the field can both enjoy. 


Novelists Try Climate Change Story Telling: A Critical Review of Two Recent Entries

Wanted:  Climate change-based novels with a strong dose of story, vivid character development, a strong theme, and setting or atmosphere. Climate change focus alone may not be sufficient.


Baron’s ‘Escape from the Ivory Tower’: Sound Communications Counsel for Scientists

Science communications expert and advocate Nancy Baron knows of what she speaks. A science writer, zoologist, and communications trainer for COMPASS and the Leopold Leadership Program, Baron has had years of first-hand training experience with the science community, helping them [...]


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