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Leaving No Doubt on Tobacco, Acid Rain, Climate Change

Oreskes/Conway’s Merchants of Doubt Draws Extensive Climate Denier Connections

In their climate science history book Merchants of Doubt, authors Naomi Oreskes and Eric Conway leave little doubt about their disdain for what they regard as the misuse and abuse of science by a small cabal of scientists they see as [...]


SuperFreakonomics’ Climate Contrarianism: Do Trees and Solar Panels Warm the Earth?

Trees, climate friend or foe? It’s fun to be a contrarian, to point out cases in which commonly held conceptions falter, or when the opposite is true. But contrarian points often require quite a bit of nuance, and seldom do [...]


New Urban Land Institute Study

Behavioral Changes in Travel Backed To Achieve Needed CO2 Emission Cuts

A new Urban Land Institute report on Americans’ traveling behavior concludes that cleaner cars and cleaner fuels alone can’t reduce carbon emissions unless Americans drive fewer miles at slower speeds, avoid gas-burning traffic jams, and reduce their number of trips. [...]


Unscientific America: Mooney, Kirshenbaum Book Offers Valuable Science/Policy Insights

View larger image Coauthors Mooney and Kirshenbaum at a Washington, D.C., bookstore event. Scientific issues continue to play a larger and larger role in many important public policy issues. No news flash there. Neither is it news that public understanding [...]


What Humans Might Learn from Marmots and Picas

Berkeley Professor Barnosky’s Harrowing ‘Heatstroke’: Changing Concepts of Nature in a Warmer Atmosphere

In the summer of 1988, as Yellowstone National Park burned and congressional hearings on global warming were being held in a sweltering Washington D.C., Tony Barnosky was digging into the floor of a Colorado cave. Traveling back in time, as [...]


Tufts’ Economist Ackerman Spells Out Cost Case for Tackling Climate Change

“An impassioned plea to construct a better economics ….” And “If we can’t afford the future, what are we saving our money for?” Those are just two sound bites used by the publisher in promoting Tufts University economist Frank Ackerman’s [...]


Dire Predictions: Unique, and Uniquely Illustrated Addition to Climate Science Communications

View larger image Climatologist Michael E. Mann might be forgiven for having wondered if yet another book on global climate change was warranted. Whether yet another global warming book could make a significant contribution to the field, could be different [...]


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