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‘This Is Not Cool’ Yale Forum Video Details Melting of Greenland Ice Sheet

Research scientists provide insights on recent ‘unprecedented’ melting of Greenland’s interior ice sheet.


Countering the CO2 Is Good For Us Meme

Uprooting the ‘Carbon Dioxide Is Plant Food’ Argument

Two very different pictures of CO2 are again contending in the media. Reconciling these conflicting images remains a challenge in communicating climate change, but effective use of satire may be part of the solution.


In Hamburg, Sites of Old Wounds Now Produce Renewable Energy

The second in a series* of on-site reports on little-known energy and climate initiatives in Northern Europe.


With Citizen Buy-in, German Village Generates 5X Renewable Energy It Needs

The first in a series of on-site reports on little-known energy and climate initiatives across parts of Western Europe.


Global CO2 Emissions: Increases Dwarf Recent U.S. Reductions

While U.S. CO2 emissions have shown unexpected declines in recent years, they’re just one piece of a big and complex puzzle. China’s and other developing-world countries’ growing emissions swamp the reductions seen in the U.S., the European Union, and Japan.


Rutgers' Jennifer Francis and NCAR's Kevin Trenberth

Two Expert — and Diverging — Views on Arctic’s Impact on Weather ‘Whiplash’

In discussing their diverging views on impacts of rapid shrinking of Arctic sea ice, two leading scientists provide witness to the kinds of evidence-based exchanges of views not uncommon among top researchers in the climate field.


‘Weather Whiplash’: A Story of Two Years — 2012 and 2013

Peter Sinclair’s new Yale Forum video couples interviews with two experts — Rutgers’ Jennifer Francis and Weather Underground’s Jeff Masters — to explore the ‘Why?’ of two years of mirror images of weather across North America.


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