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TW[*]3: That Was The [AGU Week] That Was ...

Signs of a ‘Magical Moment’ Bullishness … But Will It Last?

Climate attendees at AGU’s just-concluded fall meeting might well feel a surge of energy and renewed hope for doing ‘something meaningful’ to address climate challenges. The signs seem intangible but real, but also real is the question of where things [...]


NOAA’s 2012 Arctic ‘Report Card’ … Danger Signs Ahead

It’s a year of broken records on sea and land ice melting, Arctic temperature, and more, report NOAA researchers … and a word of caution: ‘What happens in the Arctic doesn’t stay in the Arctic.’


Forget About That 2-Degree Future

The opportunity to limit the rise in average global temperatures this century to 2 degrees Celsius above pre-Industrial levels — corresponding to a CO2 atmospheric concentration of 450 ppm — has pretty much slipped away, says climate scientist Robert Watson.


‘Chasing Ice’ Film Maker’s Take on Climate Story-Telling

Environmental photographer and filmmaker James Balog brings to AGU session a unique skill and message on communicating on climate change.


NASA’s Jim Hansen Wins 2012 Stephen Schneider Award

Climate One’s 2012 award winner acknowledges the irony of his receiving an award in honor of a fellow scientist far more comfortable with the rigors of climate science outreach activities.


Researchers: Get Ready for More Wild Fires

Climate models presented at AGU meeting project drier conditions and increased fire risk across the U.S. in coming decades.


Communicators, Scientists See Strengths, Limits in Social Media, Blogging

A panel at AGU’s annual fall meeting sings the praises of communicating climate science through a wide range of media — from full-length books to Twitter tweets — and outlines rules of the road and strengths/limitations of each medium.


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