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NASA’s Science Visualization Wall: Cool Is An Understatement

This blog post recounts a TV meteorologist’s recent experiences visiting a NASA science visualization project and working with other meteorologists and George Mason University researchers (re-posted with permission).


‘Frozen Dirt’ and Methane … ‘We Cannot Go There’

Concerns about escape of CO2 and methane from Arctic permafrost revolve around whether, how much, and how fast emissions could be released. But a new Yale Forum video cautions that a warmer atmosphere poses real risks and, once started, such [...]


Gold Turning to Brown in ‘Golden State’ Ag Fields?

The nation’s food shoppers and dining tables could be facing soaring prices and increasing scarcities from California’s leading agricultural suppliers in the warmer atmosphere they likely are facing.


Meteorologists, Climatologists Featured in New ’2013 Climate’ Video

Unprecedented drought, wildfires, and extreme heat in 2012 are seen offering a hint of the kinds of summers that will be ‘commonplace’ under business-as-usual energy practices.


‘Artscientist’ Hopes Sculpture Can Inspire Reef Protection

With a blend of science and art, Courtney Mattison is educating people about how global warming, ocean acidification, and other environmental threats are harming the world’s coral reefs.


Second of a Two-Part Series

The Ethics of Geoengineering (Pt. 2)

Part 1 of this feature discussed some of the geoengineering ideas and issues now current in climate science discussions. Part 2 introduces some of the ethical questions being raised about potential attempts to deliberately alter Earth’s properties to combat global [...]


New Video

Perspectives of 8 Scientists Attending AGU Fall Meeting

Independent video producer Peter Sinclair captures the views of eight scientists representing some of the nation’s leading research institutions in a concise video newly produced for The Yale Forum.


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