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Meteorologists, Climatologists Featured in New ’2013 Climate’ Video

Unprecedented drought, wildfires, and extreme heat in 2012 are seen offering a hint of the kinds of summers that will be ‘commonplace’ under business-as-usual energy practices.


‘Artscientist’ Hopes Sculpture Can Inspire Reef Protection

With a blend of science and art, Courtney Mattison is educating people about how global warming, ocean acidification, and other environmental threats are harming the world’s coral reefs.


Second of a Two-Part Series

The Ethics of Geoengineering (Pt. 2)

Part 1 of this feature discussed some of the geoengineering ideas and issues now current in climate science discussions. Part 2 introduces some of the ethical questions being raised about potential attempts to deliberately alter Earth’s properties to combat global [...]


New Video

Perspectives of 8 Scientists Attending AGU Fall Meeting

Independent video producer Peter Sinclair captures the views of eight scientists representing some of the nation’s leading research institutions in a concise video newly produced for The Yale Forum.


First of a Two-Part Series

The Ethics of Geoengineering

Options for engineering the climate system, some long-dismissed by many as a vestige of Buck Rogers, are getting additional attention as near-term prospects for an effective political remedy remain bleak. But with research into the subject come increasing numbers of [...]


Did Media Flub It or Ace It in News of Landmark Ice Sheet Study?

A review of 20 major news organization’s coverage of a recent study in Science on melting of ice sheets shows some high-quality reporting … but with lots of the coverage falling short on providing deeper context.


TW[*]3: That Was The [AGU Week] That Was ...

Signs of a ‘Magical Moment’ Bullishness … But Will It Last?

Climate attendees at AGU’s just-concluded fall meeting might well feel a surge of energy and renewed hope for doing ‘something meaningful’ to address climate challenges. The signs seem intangible but real, but also real is the question of where things [...]


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